About Us

Hi, we're Seth and Katie

We are the DYI dynamic duo behind Lovview – where we’re turning our plain-Jane, cookie-cutter home into a cozy, family-friendly haven with average skills, realistic budgets, and an extra dose of love.

Back in 2016, we bought our house, which was shiny, new, and… let’s face it, just like most builder-grade homes, it was as dull as watching paint dry. As we grew together as a couple, we realized our home needed to reflect our warm, fun, and creative personalities. That’s when the Lovview mindset clicked! We decided to combine our love for each other and our passion for transforming our home, creating a space that reflects the view of our life together, one collaboration & DIY project at a time.

We’re both creatives at heart (but don’t worry, we won’t quit our day jobs), juggling full-time work, family time, and our passion for breathing new life into our space. Our design inspiration is a mix of English and modern cottage styles, with a sprinkle of trendy and vintage charm. We source our decor from thrift stores, high-quality investment pieces, and budget-friendly retailers like Amazon, Target, and Home Depot. These retailers allow the average person, just like us, the ability to create beautiful spaces on a budget and have access to most of the things you see in our home.

We also share affiliate links to many of the products featured, but rest assured, we only recommend items that we have personally used in our home or that have been highly rated.

Join us on this wild ride as we share our DIY adventures, tips, tricks, and favorite finds, while we help you discover the Lovview state of mind – loving the view of your life and the journey you’re on.
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